Solo Exhibition:  Death Becomes Her 

Solo Exhibition:  Death Becomes Her 

17 - 25 March 2018
TOKAS (Kunstquartier Bethanien),  Berlin


The works in the exhibition Death Becomes Her are adapted from the still life paintings of the 17th Century old masters, who tried to capture the transient nature of beauty and express a type of utopia with various kinds of flowers in their paintings. 

The flowers in these paintings each originate from different regions and seasons; however, they coexist in the same space and are painted as a sort of utopia without any form of hierarchy.


Tatsuma Takeda was born colour blind. For this reason, the themes of colour and beauty frequently reoccur in his artwork. Tatsuma Takeda always uses a smartphone app for identifying colours when he paints. The app informs the viewer of the technical names of the colours that can be seen through the phone camera, thus giving the viewer objective information, rather than a subjective impression of colour. 

These works were created by placing colours as directed by the app, rather than actually painting the colours. This process reproduces existing still life and paintings as mirror images of the originals - therefore reinterpreting the paintings and asking the viewer to reconsider the current concept of beauty which is prevalent in our society.



During his stay in the studio as a residence-artist in Berlin, he has gathered various flowers, vases and pieces of furniture and made still life images from them. He tried to experience the city of Berlin through his search for a common language in this diverse society. The term "common language" means: things which are appreciated equally and similarities which exist, in spite of both cultural and personal differences. This is one of the most important common themes of these times and for our future. Tatsuma Takeda believes that a wide variety of flowers gathered in one place may present us with an image of coexistence.