designed by Saori Shiroshita
designed by Saori Shiroshita

Exhibition: Chronicle

Organisation: Tatsuma Takeda
Curation: Asuka Miyahara, Tatsuma Takeda


Tatsuma Takeda, Johannes Specks, Kanako Ishii, Marten Schech, Sarah Loibl, Haruka Hirai, Atit Sornsongkram, CheongHye Sophia Lee, Asuka Miyahara, Elizabeth Charnock, Agata Milizia, Prae Pupityastaporn, Sabrina Podemski, Aron Herdrich, Christian Probst, Kaoru Hoshino


Duration: 15 - 23 June 2019

Opening Reception: 14 June 2019, 18:00

Opening Event: BABEL II - Performance by Sabrina Podemski
Closing Event: Camouflage Dancer - Performance by Melo Boerner

Venue: Projektraum - Kunstquartier Bethanien (Bethanien Creative Quarter)


Exhibition Poster Design (16 + 1 varieties): Saori Shiroshita



Digitalisation is advancing rapidly in today’s world and contemporary art is changing alongside it. The use of digital media has made it much easier for viewers to interact directly with art. It’s clear to see that digitalisation has had a massive influence on our generation, and this is only set to increase in the future. Nevertheless, we cannot truly say that we feel completely at home in the digital world, despite being the first generation of Digital Natives. Our childhoods were still spent surrounded by natural, tangible things. Things that later had to compete with the influx of computers and other technical devices. Our values have been heavily impacted by these formative childhood experiences.  

One goal of the exhibition is to bring together artists, for whom it is important to differentiate between physical, tangible materials and immaterial digital media. As international artists in Germany, we have learned to appreciate the value of concrete, real things. Working with physical materials is a raw, organic process which is indispensable for making art and it provides an exciting contrast to our constant, daily interaction with digital devices. The sixteen artists selected all concern themselves with specific, physical media. Marshall McLuhan said that media are extensions of the human body, and in this way each artist is able to communicate between themselves and the chosen exhibition space. Digital technology isn’t anything special for us. It has become the norm. Our bodies react when we are presented with real, physical materials - what is it that we gain from them? We believe that we belong to a generation challenged by the questions such as these.


Photographed by Mizuki Kin