designed by Saori Shiroshita
designed by Saori Shiroshita

Exhibition: Utsusu - Chronicle Vol.2

Curation: Tatsuma Takeda

 Johannes Specks, Maximilian Stühlen, Mizuki Kin, Nora Mesaros and Tatsuma Takeda


Duration: 10 - 26 February 2023

Opening Reception: 10 February 2023, 18:00

Opening Event: Chronicle Burger by  Johannes Specks

Venue: Villa Heike (Freienwalder Str. 17,  13055 Berlin)


Exhibition Poster Design: Saori Shiroshita

Supported by Nomura Foundation

The exhibition consists of works by Johannes Specks, Maximilian Stühlen, Mizuki Kin, Nora Mesaros and Tatsuma Takeda. In today's globalised world, the diversity of different things is omnipresent in our everyday lives. For artists, creating an interaction between material, everyday life and themselves is elementary. The exhibition shows the results of these interactions.


  For Utsusu - Chronicle Vol. 2, the Japanese word "utsusu (jap. う つ す )", which encompasses many meanings, is the key word of the exhibition to which five artists have been invited. Originally, this exhibition was planned as one that embodied the ever-changing globalised society through words such as "to move", "to relocate", "to emigrate", "to turn", "to copy", "to mirror", "to reflect", "to photograph", "to project" and so on. But the displacement of the exhibition by the Corona pandemic and the lockdown added a new meaning to it, namely "to infect".


  The global situation created by the incomparable pandemic proves that "mobility" is a basis of modern society. Even before we became human beings, we developed our civilisation by moving around, and the recent development of mobility has led to many things moving further and incessantly at this moment. And today's environmental situation is also constantly and rapidly changing with the world situation. In other words, we may actually be at a turning point. The world we live in is by no means something that has crystallised into fixed and predetermined forms, but a world that emerges, fluctuates and flows. It is therefore important to show that this world that consists of many different things is nevertheless only one.

Photographed by Mizuki Kin